My Moments to Breathe

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Healthy Lungs

The last few days were spent in Madison as a follow up for the minor rejection that my bronc showed last month. Even though most of the first day is sitting walking from clinic to clinic, sitting in different rooms waiting, being the subject of many tests; and the second is being drugged up and having object shoved down into my new lungs...I am starting to really enjoy days in that city. I am looking forward to the warmer weather so that when we do stay there, we can walk around the city more and enjoy it even more.

I could not have asked for a better doctors appointment. I walked close to 2000 feet in my 6 minute walk all while staying at 100% oxygen. My chest X-Ray looked gorgeous. I gained 10 lbs (I have obviously been getting my chub on...don't stand between me and food because I just may mistake you for a taco with extra jalapenos and try to eat your fingers.) Which means they would reconsider taking my feeding tube out! Plus I blew my PFTS...any guesses what they were before I say it? I mean its no big deal...they were only 108%!!! Yeap folks, it means they are more than perfect. So not only are my lungs made out of glitter, sparkle and bling but they blow out glitter, sparkle and bling too. These lungs and I have an awesome relationship and I can't wait for my donor family to know that!

Does anyone else just get as excited as I do when I see that 108% for lung function and 100% for oxygen?! I NEVER remember seeing that high of a number. So this is what you all feel like and why you can go non-stop from morning until night (and then even past that...) I had every right to be a little jelly pot! This is awesome!!

I am done with pulmonary rehab as of a week ago, but luckily I have my treadmill to keep my going. Exercise to a CFer is much like food is....we consider it part medicine. Its just part of the everyday routine. The transplant coordinator said you could for sure tell I was working out, and it is contributing to my healthy lungs. HA as I type that I just have to giggle at those two words put together HEALTHY and LUNGS....they have never gone together when describing me. HEALTHY LUNGS. 

My bronc went well, and am just waiting to hear the results. Crossing my fingers that everything turns out well, no infection, no rejection, and then I can lower some more meds for the time being. the steroids have wicked side effects and I personally would love to get back to 5 mg a day (I am at 10mg 2x/day) so that I can get some sleep, the puffy can be controlled more, my sugars can go back to a more normal level, etc.

I have to say that the icing on the cake came when Dr. S. walked in the room for my bronc and said he talk to the PA...and she agreed that my feeding tube can come out!! HOLY SMOKES...this girl was grinning from ear to ear. You know what that  will mean? Nothing is in my body except all the organs that should be there. No IVS, no port, no tubes...I will be free from being tethered to anything....its been years since that was even an option. Now I just have to wait to hear when I can go back to get it removed. It is a simple procedure...they don't have to drug me up, keep me in the hospital, or even give me as IV. Just pull it and go basically! I will be sitting by my phone just waiting for them to call in the next few days!

Sigh. I love oxygen. Healthy. Lungs.