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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer, Summer Time

Happy Summer everyone.

Has it really been 2 months since I blogged?

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good summer, full of nice weather, fun times, and lots of relaxing. Ours has been so crazy.

We made a list of thirty things to do before summer, and we are more than half way through. Hoping to do a few more this week. Summer is flying by so I am trying to make sure everything gets done, without a rushed "must do" feeling. Tomorrow: a simple picnic.

We have had a lot of people visit this summer. Its such a fun thing. And I am excited to say my mom and DAD are coming over later this month. I am excited to have them here and just be with them.

Laila and I have made it back to Michigan for 2 baby showers and some fun. Crossed off KAYAK from out r summer list while we were there. And we are headed back in the begging of next month. BECAUSE...

We are headed to Atlanta for Family Feud! Hoping the Zell family makes it on, and then keeps making it on! We have been practicing our "Good Answers" a ton, so much so that Laila even says it to just about everyone. The whole experience seems like a dream, its crazy and everyday we seem to get more information on the next step. Once in a lifetime thing right here, and very excited to help Mom cross something off her cancer list.

The last few months have been a little tough for me. My lungs are doing awesome! But my body just hates everything I do. My lungs love my medicine, the rest of my body could leave it. I feel like I am abusing every other organ I have. I am tired all the time, my self image has been low and keeps getting lower...I hate what I see in the mirror (and NO I dont want you all to say Im pretty, so please don't.) I cant get motivated to do too much around the house, so putting shoes on during the day helps me get moving, until I crash on the bed. My body seems to not want to do anything, including my body. I am anemic now, so I had to add iron to my pill box. I had a little scare so they biopsied my uterus...thank God it all came back normal.

 I found out I do have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This hit me hard. Just another thing that I can't control. I am not aloud to take hormones with the rest of my medicine, so to get any relief or "cure" would be to have more organs taken out. I can't even think about this.

I keep telling myself this is all mind over matter. Just as I did when I was recovering from transplant. Set my mind to it and I can make it all better. Its scary. 

But with it all said, I am still trying to make sure we have a good summer. I don't want school to start without that list complete!! So here is to the rest of summer with a smile on!

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  1. I love you, you have the most amazing spirit I have ever encountered with anyone