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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Here we go

This past month has been pretty busy. 

On February 15th Laila had her tonsils out. She did really well, didn't cry too much, expect when I first got to go into recovery with her. This was one of those moments I thanked the Lord for a healthy child. It was so hard to watch her do that.

She ended up having to spend the night because she threw up blood, but in reality we are pretty sure it was her red medicine she took 10 minutes before that. Come to find out, her body reacts much like her Moms. Whenever something happens that it doesn't like, it turns into a high fever...but only for the first part of the day. So for a few days we sat and cuddled and took pain meds (well one of us did) and slept. And slept. But she is all healed and doing now praying bugs stay away from that child.

I have also been very busy with doctors. I had a skin check for abnormalities, and they found nothing. So all the years of sunblock, umbrellas, hats and every other form of shade has worked in my favor. She said I have done everything right, and to keep it up. So my skinny white legs will stay so porcelain this summer, again. And knowing the numbers I have vs. the numbers others have that don't follow some rules....I will take my legs.

My sinuses have also been a beast lately. Like I can't get them to act straight. So after a few years of trying to struggle with sinuses that pretty much are  my least favorite thing...its time to go in and fix them. 

I have tried to rinse often, but my ear started to hurt so my doctor told me I was doing it too much. I had a CT scan and my sinuses are full of infection, more than what they can probably see. I am in pain often, my face ends up swelling and being tender, and I get headaches. Ok, so, I am hoping that this will help all of those. 

They are going to get all the infections out, mostly in the sinuses in your cheek. and then scrape some bone away to open it enough that gravity will help it flow down where it all should be. 

Sigh, another surgery. More proof that I just don't think I can do anything normal. But I am alive, I am breathing, and I am ok. So in the next few days I will have a date set for that.

Work is going very well. The kids are starting to get to know me, and the girls I work with a nice too. They have been awesome about the time I have needed for Laila, and my health so far. Very blessed.

Jeremy has been super busy, especially this week with Holy Week and the church getting the finishing touches on the remodel. He has been busy dealing with sick girls, and I am sure excited to get us all fixed again!

The next few weeks are packed full of fun things, I am looking forward to it! I will try and get on the computer next week to write more! Now I need to go make more lists, and try not to fall asleep too early!!

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  1. Thanks, Cass, for the update. We will ask God to bless your sinus surgery and both of your recoveries. God bless your Holy Week meditations on the Love of our Savior, who holds you. In Him, <3