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Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Sky!?

Yikes, it has been months. I actually missed writing a ton, so I am back and ready to catch everyone up.

We have been pretty busy this summer, and its been pretty fun. Plus we have so much more in the next few months to come.

Our Family Feud episode aired. Did you all see it? If not try and find it, it was such a fun time. And I still think the Sky can be black and white! Ask me about it, I can have you convinced!

We went to Kansas City for a Tigers game and to visit some life long friends. The trip was filled with crummy gas stations, flat lands, and Iowa. But well worth it, always great to go back down nostalgia lane with the Freys (we have known Dan separately since about 2nd grade! Here is where I could slip in some funny stories or inside jokes, I have more than 42...but I will spare you all!) While we were down there Laila knocked one tooth out and the other one almost out. It was pushed out by Daddy 2 later. The dentist said everything looked ok, and she has an appointment in a few weeks so I will be interested to see if he still think it looks ok. The girl split her gum from the tooth to the top, and it still has a split. Praying that everything will still heal well.

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary July 2nd. Wow, 10 whole years. Making it 18 years total we have been together, passing the mark that we have been together longer than we haven't in our short lives. We were just babies, a sophomore and junior in high school. Again, babies! It blows my mind. We have grown up together. Had a great time, and waiting for the bigger celebration later this year. Hopefully!

Jeremy's oldest brother Ben, his wife Leigh and our 3 nieces and 1 very cute nephew came over the 4th to celebrate with us, and again it was a fun filled, non stop, on the go weekend. And once again I wouldn't change a thing. This past weekend Jeremy's youngest brother, Nick, and his wife Theresa came and again, we had so much fun. We ate, ate, and ate...its what we do. We haven't seen them all since Christmas so you can imagine the catch up, laughs, talks, and fun we had.

My health:

Its been good. My lungs are still great, but a little sluggish with the missed sleep and all. But nothing some extra TLC won't fix. I good mixture of exercise, sleep, and good eating. But, no, its nothing to worry about. My numbers still rock!! I have often thought this year of all the things I probably wouldn't have been here for. I wonder how much would have been different, how some people would be different. Its hard to think about, but once in awhile my mind goes there, and the emotions catch the best of me. Then I get a hug and eat a caramello and everything goes back to the back of my mind again.

I finally found out that YES, I do have a slight hearing problem. But YAY for me not being crazy and imagining the problem. I have a toning issue, making it hard for my tears to not jumble sounds basically. So, I need to do some exercises to help train my ear. Its hard, and I find myself getting frustrated with it. So if you are talking to me and there are others noises around and I ignore you, its most likely that I can't hear what you are saying or that you are saying it to me. It was caused from some antibiotics that I was on for some years, but in the long run I do understand that the issue I have now is better than what could have been without that medicine, without that bandaid that helped me last as long as I have.

I hope you are all having a great summer, enjoying the sunshine, warm weather and the outside. We sure are trying around here! Soaking it all up before the weathers changes for the fall in a few months! 

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