My Moments to Breathe

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Let me tell you about this little guy.

His name is Mavis.

He is ours! We got a dog! 

This blog is over 2 month old, but as you know, life around here as been a little preoccupied. But after 10 years of hoping and asking and down right begging, Jeremy finally said yes to a dog.

He was owned by a couple in Michigan, and after the wife passed away from cancer the husband was looking for someone to take care of him. I don't personally know this couple, but they did such a great job on this dog. He is amazing...really I say aMAVing and Jeremy just rolls his eyes.

He is 1.5 years old, knows tricks, walks like a champ, and loves his new family. Jeremy is his person, and has been since day one. Which, of course, makes me smile since out of the 3 of us he wants the dog the least. I say this, but will also say he is great with the dog.

When I was in the hospital and still to this day Jeremy walks the dog when I can't, plays with him, lets him out, feeds him...etc. Thanks Jeremy for taking care of the guy when I can't.

Laila loves this dog so much, he sleeps in her bed every night. All we have to say is "go to bed" and he walks to her room, jumps up, and doesn't get up until we wake her up. And even still he doesn't want to get up. 

He loves walks, playing, fetching, tummy rubs, did I say walk yet, his family, anyone who comes in the door, squirrels, and ummm walks. 

We love him too! I am so excited to finally have my Mavis.

Crossing off another one! 85. Own a pet named Mavis