My Moments to Breathe

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Still breathing easy

I am still doing very well. You know except allergies this time of season like most people. Aren't they awful? This year hasn't been too bad so far this year breathing wise, but my sinuses are still crazy bad. And celebrating that I am able to sleep at night again. It is crazy how now that I can sleep, my body is just trying to get as much as it can. I am pretty sure if it were possible I could lay in bed all day and sleep for about 17 hours of it. But luckily because I am feeling so well, I am able to get up and get going. But no worries, I for sure am still listening to my body and taking it easy when needed!! 

I am pretty excited because Great Strides is coming up on May 10th and this year I am going to be able to walk the entire thing. It will be my first year being able to do so. May not sound like a big deal, but really it is. I can walk and breathe at the same time. WOO HOO! 

These lungs are still fantastic and doing well in their new environment. I am working hard taking care of myself to keep it that way. I am pretty sure that my donor was a strong person, a fighter, and their lungs had that too. Thank goodness, because they need to keep up with this "healthy" girl no longer stuck in a sick girls body. I can do those things I have only been dreaming of doing. And in a few months I will be able to start all that traveling I have been wanting to do for a few years now. The question is..where to go first?! 

The hole were my tube was is pretty much all healed. Feels so crazy not to have it in. I can put my hand there and its not there. I can wear tighter shirts and there isn't a bulge. I can sleep on my stomach. I am eat without having to worry about what my tube would do. Its freedom. 

I sent our letters to our donor family and just hope that maybe someday they might write back...hopefully...I hope. It was very emotional to first write the letter, second write what other people wrote, and third but it together and mail it off. How do you write that letter? It is for sure not a "thank you that even though your loved one passed away I got to live." Its more of a thank you for making that selfless decision. Just thinking of all this makes me pause, take a few deep breathes, hug these lungs and thank the donor family and God for this gift. I think of my donor and their family every day....multiple times. An awesome side note: I sent the letter on national organ donation day, how fitting!!

Easter was nice. We weren't able to get back to spend it with family, and family was not able to come this way. But my bestie made the trip for a short 24 hours so that we could worship together and spend some good Easter time with each other. I had another girl to sing with at church, and get dressed in our Easter best, and eat a wonderful meal together. The Easter bunny stopped by with eggs (including melted chocolate) on the lawn, baskets galore,and a little special treat. We made a turkey with all the trimmings! I figured since I missed my favorite meal on Thanksgiving, what a wonderful day to celebrate life all over again. It tasted much better than the hospital turkey :)

Hope you all had a great Easter and enjoyed the beautiful weather that has started! Oh and by the way, the new Forward in Christ is out...check out page 30!


  1. Love this post, Cass, all of it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news. My mom said she read your Forward in Christ article, loved it, and that we'll be even more proud of you. :) Can't wait. xoxo