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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2 Cities

By now most of you know the love I have for my home town...and really the whole state. But as I was driving around with my Dad today I really sort of missed it.

There was a ton of traffic, sirens blaring every hour, planes over head, a coffee shop or something convenient on every corner, and milk is about a $1 cheaper per gallon. It is full of life and great for people watching. It is where my most of my family is, the people who have cared for me my whole life. It is where my childhood bedroom is and where I can get the best night sleep. Ahhh, Ann Arbor. 

I grew up in an average size subdivision, Forestbrook. It has a pool, nice neighbors, and small cemetery which holds General Terhune from the Revolutionary War. I still drive into this neighborhood and just feel a bit of joy. I am back home and settle into a childhood state.

It is where most of my CF journey took place, they helped me stay as healthy as possible at the University of Michigan. That M mean on a lab coat is pretty awesome. My doctors, and even more so my nurses, were hard workers. The CF gene was discovered here in Ann Arbor, that's just huge. That hospital was like a second home, and I was fortunate enough to love only 15 minutes away from a place that helped me survive. 

I am proud to point to my hand and say Ann Arbor when people ask where I was from in Michigan. It is such a diverse city. All sorts of people live here. Heck, even the city itself goes from country land to huge city and everything in between. I have always felt like Ann Arbor was my own little world with everything I needed. 

I do like Hartford, and the longer I live there the longer it seems that I can fit in (besides my Maize and Blue shirts, Tigers gear, and my Amen in middle of the prayers....sorry you can take a girl out of Michigan but you can never take the Michigan out of the girl!) I enjoy trips to Walmart, the smaller city living, the walking to the local ice cream parlor, and wherever you go you run into at least one person you know. I remember telling Jeremy I always wanted to be in Cheers....where everyone knows your name, ba-da-da-da-da-da! Well, that was sure answered, and yes I do like it. 

I like being close to Milwaukee and Madison and the towns between. I love that we are so close to church and school. I love friends I have made and that I can hang out with them and act like myself, I am becoming more comfortable. I love that I am in the same state as the "Wisconsin Zells" now and since I am getting healthier I will be able to go up to the farm and laugh at all the funny stories and memories. I like that we are close to the SEM and Cedarburg. 

Wisconsin is where my life was saved through transplant. My two favorite doctors are from the University of Wisconsin, and I would not trade them for every one else. And really all my favorite (besides 2 from UM) are working in that hospital. They have a huge trust factor with me and y heath. And the plus if they are so patient as I learn how to be  transplant patient vs a CF patient. I know how to do CF and do it well, I am still growing in the whole transplant thing. 

I have been pretty blessed.

Two great cities I can call mine!

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  1. Love this! Let me know when you are home. Errr,back in your Wisco home. I have a t shirt for you!!!