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Friday, July 11, 2014

Its in the past

Tomorrow is 1 year "anniversary" of my dry run. Totally crazy, right?! I am feeling pretty blessed that a year from the date that was very dramatic in my life, I am sitting in a chair, breathing and watching TV with my little lady. BREATHING. AHHH!

I know I had told people that that day was hard on me. But I never really said how hard it was. It messed with me more mentally than physically, but the physical bruises, soreness and marks all over my body (including the marks were they were about to cut) just added to the mental mess up. 

But, YAY, I can say that that is in the past and I can truly just move on from that day. They weren't perfect but now I have these gorgeous set of lungs that blow out all the beautiful glitter they can store. I lived long enough to get those lungs, even if the first set were not meant to be.

What a huge sigh of relief!

Thats it. That is all I am going to say about it. It doesn't matter much anymore.

Everything is still going very well. My lung function is high and now that my prednisone is lower I am finally able to sleep again (say goodbye to dark circles and a puffy face!) Plus my anti-rejection meds are getting lowered each week. Less pills is just always a good feeling, it gives my body a little bit of a break! 

In order to celebrate my dryruniversary, I will spend all day running around doing errands and playing with my daughter, all while taking those deep breathes! Bring on the oxygen!

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