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Monday, October 6, 2014

Getting normal

I am almost 11 months post transplant. Can you believe it? Yeah, me either. Its been on my mind a ton lately, and feel very blessed.

I had my 9 month post bronc (a little late because of an added bronc earlier this year) and everything came back rosie. I have no infection, no rejection. Praise the Lord, especially since I have Pseudonymous up in my sinuses. Oh, these lungs...I think I am in love.

Another sleepless night for me. Laila has already been up once for an extra cuddle and Jeremy is soundly. But me? I am up and writing this blog. I have a ton on my mind, my sinuses are stuffy, neck ache, and did I mention I have a ton on my mind? 

More good news: I am now (again) a member of the working society. Truly blessed with this one. I get to work out of my own house at my own pace doing something that I love. I get to be artsy/crafty and just watch things come to life. Plus, I have a very cool boss. If you can, check out SEW WHIMSEY. To die for.

It feels great to have a job again and be able to help my family out. Plus, it kind of just goes to show that I am doing so well. This makes me a little giddy, if you couldn't tell. It is a perfect job because the only "germs" I am around are mine and I can still put my health first.

I rejoined the church choir, and its weird. Not the choir, but the singing. I have to pretty much relearn how to sing the right notes, how to breathe (which my body is still very much trained on how to breathe like a CFer with cruddy lungs, so I have been working...trying to work...on breathing the right way. Even while I am just sitting here.) But am loving the opportunity to do it again. 

I have been able to pick up my camera more and more lately too. I am still giddy about this hobby as well. Practice makes perfect, so Laila has learned to be a little model....and really is becoming quite the diva in this category. 

She is still loving school, and I have been able to help out a few times to watch how she interacts and how her day goes (and I have walked her to and from school everyday.) Its nice too since Jeremy works at school everyday, he gets to pop his head in a see her and what she is doing. It doesn't hurt that she gets an extra Daddy hug too. Her teacher is great, and beams with love for all the kids! Just love getting the little story about Laila during her day. Makes me feel like I miss less that way.

I am slowly, very slowly, getting ready for the fall season and the busy few months that are coming up. Much to celebrate again the next few seasons. Still praying, my donor family has comfort and one day reads the letters we sent. I think about my donor daily and wonder what he/she was like. I still see so many odd differences in me after transplant and would like to know if that comes from my donor....they must have like tacos and peaches. They must not have liked leftovers as much!

It is 1:30ish in the morning and I am yawning up a storm, if only my body and brain could connect! Guess I will try some frosted mini wheats and at least relax so my body can get some relief. Hope you all have a nice Tuesday, mine will be full of laundry, working, and Walmart. And that still makes me smile. 

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