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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Its November!

Has it really been that long since I blogged? Well, you can all assume that no news is good news right now. I am still doing very well. I have been keeping myself pretty busy around here.

Cold season is here so I am trying keep it out of my house and out of my lungs. They are still doing blinged out and I am still blowing high numbers on my spiro. My weight is still up, my shakes are still on and off again, and my sleeping is still well, not there. My face still has aged about 20 years over this last year.

Yeap, its been almost a year since I was blessed with the gift of new lungs, oxygen, and new life. Jeremy and I still talk about it at least once a week. This week we talked about how tramatic of a thing we went through. I got to hear the parts that he personally were the worst. I got to tell him what the worst was for me. He wins this round, I slept through most of the scary parts HAHA!

But all month we have things lined up to celebrate, starting with the actual date (Next Tuesday...the 18th) and I am not sure how I am going to make it through everything without tearing up each time. I have said it a million times this month but I will say it a million times again...I am blessed. I got my miracle in a miracle. 

I am able to tell my story (was asked to do a talk in Lansing, MI a few weeks ago and now am lined up to talk to a group on Nurses in March) and not cough during it. I can go to Walmart and put the groceries away. I can wake up in middle of the night with Laila and not cough for 3 hours after. I can eat like a normal person and keep weight on easier. I can work. I can travel. I can walk across my house. I can carry Laila. I can laugh with Jeremy. I can keep up with my family. I can live. All those things I can do where as last year at this time I couldn't, I was dying and planning on how to get things accomplished before that time was here.

"I  still forget how sick I really am. I wonder if I need to give in more and just decide that this is the life I have right now, dying." This was part of my blog entry on Nov 10 from last year. I look at it now and wonder how I didn't see how sick I was. I was either just that naive/dumb or just that much of a stubborn German who kept up her can decide for yourself. But either way you decide, I was glad at the time that God made me what I was, because it got me through what I needed to get through.

Thank you again to all those who have so graciously helped me with whatever it was my family needed help with. Whether it was a meal, a good laugh, watching Laila even for that little hour so I could breathe, taking her on her "forever stay", cleaning, gardening, donating to Team Cassie, praying, writing encouraging words, or for even my little penny on a post-it-note. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

Hope you all have a as much of a great month as I am about to have. LET THE CELEBRATING BEGIN!!

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