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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I got this one too!

Has it really been that long? Guess I need to sneak in a blog post in December, so here I am. The picture you may ask? Thats "The Zell family from Ann Abor, MI!" most of you know my family tried out for Family Feud, and should know soon if we got on the actual show! Helping Mom work on her Cancer Sucks bucket list!

First I will say thanks for everything everyone did for my Lungiversary. It was a good week of spoiling the crud out of my lungs, whatever they wanted they got. I am alive because of my donor, and even though I know nothing about them, they are a person close to my heart. I am still hoping one day that the family will want to read our letters and that they will want to write us back. I pray often about that.

Thanksgiving was nice. After much mulling we decided to hop in the car for a crazy 36 hour trip to the Mitten so we could see family and be thankful with all of them. Good food, good laughs, good company! I brought a sled back that I fell in love with, its outside our house right now with a wreath. So cute, if you drive by check it out. I hunted for that!

Added a neurologist to my list of Doctors to see. He said there is no reason I should be having migraines and wanted me to make sure I don't have a tumor. Well, as most patients who are on tons of meds get side effects and I just happen to get the "migraine side" one. So, right now, I am not going to get the MRI. He gave me some medicine and it has been working so, well, literally haven't had a migraine in 7 days. Since the day I started this medicine. Only down fall...its suppose to make you sleepy but since I have been taking it...I don't fall asleep until about 4. The insomnia was getting better but...WIDE EYED right now. Naps about 8 am come in handy for that!

 Shannon and Francesca are still doing great! I had my "one year out" appointment earlier this month. I once again broke my own records and my Doc said I had the highest numbers so far. All I need to do is drink more water and exercise a bit more. And, yes, after the Christmas season, I do plan on getting my body is better shape and using my treadmill more than I do. I want to keep this girls around.

The best news that I smiled and started tearing up about was....drum roll...(ok it may not sound like a big deal to most people who read this, but honestly its huge!)...I don't have to go back to the doctors for 6 months (unless something comes up and I need help with it!) 6 MONTHS!! I have never gone that long since...since forever. I have never done that, I have always had my normal appointments every 3 months since I can remember...and now they say I'm "healthy" enough for the time to double. 6 months. Count them...6!

Now for the not so cool news. The following day I had my bronch and psh it kicked the crud out of me this time. While I was still sleeping they had informed Jeremy that I had infection but everything looked good for a negative rejection. BOO and infection. This was coming off the cusp of a cold I was trying to kick without help, as was doing it well. So my doctor just said I can try to kick this infection off by myself too. Well, that lasted all of 6 hours. SIGH, that evening I started to run a fever over 100 and chills...which are two big NO NOs in transplant land. So I took some Tylenol to relax my body around 4 am so I could sleep. Called the doctor bright and early in the morning to inform them and they gave me the sad news of admission. So, yes, I cried. This was my first December in 4 years I could do everything with my daughter and make it magical for her. I didn't want to spend anytime in the hospital let alone Christmas. So after talking to Jeremy, I convinced them to try oral antibiotics on me first. After awhile Kelly called back and gave me the deal, but would have to call back in 2 days if I was better.

 Praise the Lord, it worked. I coughed up all the blood that was left over in my lungs from the bronch and started to feel even better. There was more blood than I feel there should have been for a little longer, but the girls fought hard. I am going to talk to them about the way my body handles bronchs and what to do about that...I need the bronchs. My lips got cut and swollen from it, a fever, blood, and just felt yucky (that is the scientific wording I am sure...haha.) But it is working out so far and am resting, a lot, and listening to my body while trying to get everything done for Christmas (not complaining because I love the hustled and bustle.)

Not much else to report, and, as always, no news is good news!

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