My Moments to Breathe

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The start of 2015

Happy 2015! The year of "Back to the Future." The year everyone can start a new. The year Michigan is going to start winning again. The year I started in the hospital.

But lets all back up...

Christmas was really nice this year, the whole season including the New Year. It was mellow. Jer, Laila and I stayed In Wisconsin for Christmas Day, to be leaving on the 28th to go see family. This planned seemed to be perfect since Jeremy and Laila both had the flu. Rest, liquids, pajamas, eating whatever sounded good, bing watching tv and tons and tons of games were exactly what was needed. Plus we could spread the wealth of the holiday out longer, turkey dinner was the 26th, my birthday the 27th and we would leave the 28th. 

My birthday was an entire day of surprises. Like seriously and entire day. From presents at 8 am, to lunch with friends, to Connie taking me everywhere with new friends at each stop, to roller skating, to a trip to the ER for a broken ankle (sorry April, hope you are healing quickly!) I did it all with ease and excitement.

Now to travel to the mitten, the low-key, non-stop trip. We had a blast seeing everyone, laughing, eating, exchanging presents (I was spoiled this year for sure) and even though everything was great and I wouldn't have changed much of it...I started to get run down, caught the MI flu and spiked a major fever. Bummer. So, even though I was in the mitten I called back to my transplant team to see the next step. "Sounds like the flu...lots of rest and liquids." OK, I can do that, I can beat this one my own. Well, that was dashed hard when they called the next morning (Sunday) to say I should get evaluated...and possibly Sunday night in Madison. 

Unfortunately, Mother Nature came those past 2 days to both states and the drive was longer than expected so we stopped in Hartford. I woke up shipped Laila off to school and went to the doctors. I brushed my teeth, but thats about it. 

The short story is: my normal lung function of 114, is now down to 101. Yes, I am in awe that I went DOWN to 101...but that 13% change is a huge problem, couldn't get my oxygen to 100, 6 minute walk wasn't the norm, and eek that chest xray! My doctor walks in surprised I drove myself, which told me it wasn't good. I was right, that flu settled to a massive bought of pneumonia. PNEUMONIA. I had to be admitted. I had to go home, get bags, shower, and have Jeremy drive me back up.

So here I sit.

I have been here since Monday and still feel all cruddy. They are pumping me full of 3 different antibiotics, liquid in between, treating me for the flu, gave my lungs a bronc "wash", been poked more now than during transplant, testing everything they can on me. But am praying I turn the corner soon.

I want my glittery 114. I was all the oxygen I can have. I want to end the holidays ok I want to be home. I want my lungs to not hurt again. Pneumonia hurts. Little did I know when I kept saying my lower back hurt on my right side, it wasn't that I twisted or slept was the pneumonia.  


  1. Praying for a short stay, Cassie. Hugs and Love, Lara

  2. who would ever think "gee. my back hurts - I must have pneumonia?" - Prayers for rest and recovery