My Moments to Breathe

Monday, January 19, 2015


I have been home from the hospital for over a week and my workload is wonderfully hard. My life is all about being a transplant patient trying to get back to her high standards. It seems as if my alarm on my phone in going off so much, the treadmill and weights are getting more use, my devotion book, regular books, and my house is getting clean. Thanks Prednisone for giving my the energy for all of it.

That evil love of mine: prednisone. Its amazing how much it helps my lungs...crazy amazing. They aren't as tight and I am able to be getting more junk moved around and out of my gift. But nothing is all good. This comes with non stop eating (as a matter of fact I am eating peanut butter/chocolate kettlecorn as I type), a halo of weight, mood swings,high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and very irritated. I am blessed that my husband and child understand. I have been taking 5 minute breaks when I need to sit and breathe and just get my act together. It will all be ok.

I have a doctors appointment this Friday and am hoping things have started to turn around and that massive white blob on my xray has shrank....a lot. NO WHITE! I know my PFTs are higher, but am still working on getting them even higher. I am going to have them check out my arm, sigh I am very nervous I may have another blood clot after being poked way too much in the hospital. Please say an extra prayer that everything is ok there...that it will pass without having to get on blood thinners. I also have to get my blood pressure looked at because my heart is working too hard and my pressure is so high. Never thought I would be a person to have to worry about this. 

About 2 hours after I was released from the hospital and happy with my child home from school...she got the stomach bug. She couldn't keep anything down in her tiny tummy. I felt awful. Plus, I was so worried that I would nab that bug along with the metapneumovirus and would end up back in the hospital. My hands are still raw from all the hand washing and sanitizer. Praise the Lord that it didn't spread in this house. SOAPBOX: if you or your child are sick...STAY HOME!! It isn't worth being miserable and spreading the virus to everyone else. 

I am still staying away from most crowded crowds and staying in the house. I can't be too safe. Its ok with me, my house is getting kind of clean and organized (slowly) and going out is fun when I go.

Sorry this is an odd blog, but I just knew I needed to update....and I am tired! I just had a little playdate with Connie and we rocked out to some Just Dance and had some girl talk. Hope you all are well and everyone is beating this winter blue with a little extra fun here and there. 

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