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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hospital Update

The drama of it all! 

I am saying blessings today for sure. I went through all my tests and finally got all the results back, and I am so ok with them.

I tested negative for the flu, they are saying no pneumonia (YES!!!) and nothing else cultured....meaning no bacteria. I have a nasty nasty virus called Metapneumovirus. It is much like RSV, and just needs to run its course. But seeing as I am compromised, due to lack of immune system,  I am getting a little bit of help. Help from...(swallows hard)...a large amount of Prednisone.

 I take 5 mg of it every morning as part of my anti-rejection med. But now I am taking 20 mg a day. Please, I beg all of you to have a bit of patience with me. My body hates this stuff and I get all those reactions you hear about. You know like I eat everything in front of me, I gain weight, and worse of all....roid rage. If I see you and just wave a polite hi, don't take it to heart. It just means I am raged up and need some space. You can say hi and I will say hi back, its just that I am focusing on not losing it for the little things (like sharing a sharpie with my sister, or Jer beating me in a game.) I, knowing I can be a little, well, MEAN, have been working on my roid reactions and irritability. I'm trying.

I got to get my IV pulled this afternoon, stopping the antibiotics and fluids all together. All my levels are back to normal, happy times. I get to sleep well tonight, I get to itch my arm, I get to wash up! Best yet, I get to go home tomorrow....hold your applause, please HAHA!

I woke up after my first higher dose of meds and I could remember what breathing was like a little more. What a bright face was. How my legs do work. How my voice can be chipper again. Now, don't get me wrong...I still have a road of work ahead of me. I need to exercise, work the lungs, eat, rest, sanitize, wash hands even more, and UGH mask that pretty much everyone has a bug I can get. Its a good things my home is so cozy :)

Hope you all are surviving this chilly weather!!

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  1. This is a big relief. Thanks for the very good news. Keep up the good work, lady! Thanks are rising to God for AGAIN watching out of you. He's got you.