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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Work, Work, and more Work

Its been over a month and today is the first day that I have said the words out loud, "I think my virus is finally gone." Praising the Lord for that number above.

This was from my spiro this morning. Not only is it my transplant normal, but it is even better. This is the highest number I have ever created on my machine. I just about cried. Not only that but tonights blood pressure was lower (at a whopping 148/88) plus my blood sugar was 75 without taking insulin. 

My Tac has been lowered to about half of what it was. So the shakes, and anxiety, and sleepless nights are getting so much better. Which in return will help all of the above issues. This Monday I am getting it checked and as much as I want a normal level, it would be sort of, kind of, nice if it was high a bit because it would mean I coud get it lowered again.

The hard work is really starting to pay off. I am still avoiding big crowded areas, this weekend will be my first time is a large crowd but am so prepared for it. Trying to stay in as much as possible so I feel I haven't see anyone in so long, except Connie who comes over...thanks Friend. I have been walking and running on the treadmill (tonights run was done to Micheal Jacksons PYT...good running song. Yesterday was MMMBop) I lift weights. I listen to my alarm 5 times a day, swallowing a handful of pills. I am training myself to breathe deep from the diaphragm. I am eating better (for the most part...peanutbutter and chocolate covered kettlecorn is ok, right?!) and really just trying to get healthy again.

Now that I am getting back to me, I am hoping that my house can finally get cleaned and organized. Anybody know of somebody really good at doing this?! :)  

Another plus is that our family got chosen to be on Family Feud! OH MY WORD!! We tape this summer (not sure when yet) and will let you all know when it airs. Is this crazy or what? I am pretty sure my mother is the most excited person I know, followed closely by Jeremy. Now don't get me wrong, I am excited too, but those two are geeked to the max.

March brings another talk, and this one is one I am excited to be asked to do. We get to talk to a bunch of nurses about our experience in the hospital, how and what we liked that our nurses did. Thanks to all the hard working nurses out there, us chronic patients love what you do! 

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  1. GOOD WORK. Very glad to hear you are finally over the virus. Sign me up for cleaning/ organizing~ after May graduation here. :/ Thanking God again for your healthy lungs. <3