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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Shortribs, Wine, and the CFF

Lastnight I got to do one of my favorite things, help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. And the food and drinks were out of this world!

It was the Milwaukee Wineopener and I was asked to be the speaker. There really isn't too many things that humble me more. I open up about my story of CF patient turned transplant survivor. To this day all the emotions run high when I talk about it, and at events were everyone there is her to support people like, tears and smiles both flow pretty steadily. 

The feelings of pre-transplant come flooding back. The getting ready to die feeling that my brain pushes back are now brought up to the foreground and I need to take to minute to remember that, yes, I am breathing. Yes, that is cool air coming in and out of my lungs. Yes, dying has been put on hold. Deep breathing, expand those beauties and show everyone what donations can do. 

I said it lastnight, and I will say it again and again. Without people like those who were there lastnight, and people like you who have supported, donated, and helped out...I wouldn't be here as long as I have. I wouldn't have been a sister, daughter, wive, and mom as long as I have. Isn't that crazy!? Thank you all and give yourself a hug from me (and my family.)

Bid for a cure set a new record for the event, and that money and donations from other events help make a cure something that could happen. The cure for CF may be too late for this girl, but if it means that there are little girls and boys out there right not don't have to worry about what CF will rob them off, of hurting them, then I will forever speak (or volunteer) and the Foundation. I will forever do my part and make CF stand for Cure Found. 

I meet incredible people with some incredible stories at events. I get to catch up with so many I have met in the past. I hear from parents how well their own children are doing. All from putting skis out and going in the snow, to moving on to the next big chapter in ones lives....and the best part if these things are huge for CFers, for their families. I talk to parents about how they feel about their child, about the accomplishments. I really have no words for the feelings I get when I have conversations with them. No words. I not only understand a little more the thoughts  and feelings of my parents when I was young, but can understand the scared hope in their eyes. 

Keep on fighting CF warrior and caregivers, keep on fighting!!!

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  1. Yes! I love how your heart comes out in your writing, dear Cassie! And in your speaking and relating. What a blessing you have been to the CF Foundation and to so many individuals and families to whom you gave hope. AND look how beautiful you are! :) So beautiful, inside and out.