My Moments to Breathe

Monday, June 24, 2013

The weekend

I had a great break this weekend! My mind was able to focus and stay busy enough that the phone wasn't the most important thing (but to clarify I did have it everywhere and I still made sure I was able and ready to get the call...plans in order and everything!)

It started on Thursday with a date. A mother/daughter date...all day just me and my little curly haired love. I really want to make sure that until I get the call her and I will be able to spend time like this together. I think in the long run we will both need it! But anyway, I took Laila to the zoo to see all the animals. She was in heaven. If you ask her she will tell you that she got to go to the "real zoo"...not sure whats that means, but whatever it is, its a big deal. We ate lunch, saw every animal (but not the reptiles because EEK!) and I walked the entire thing without oxygen and only stopped twice to catch my breath. She loved the zebras and giraffe, and just to let you all know, according to Laila a gorilla is not as big as Daddy. It was just a fun day!

Nick and Theresa (my brother and sister in law) came for the weekend to give us a little breather. We stayed home Friday night and played games, talked, and some of us ate ourselves into a food coma. (Ok, so I may have been the only one, but thats ok!) And then the party started on Saturday! We started off at Lakefront Brewery (never been? I suggest it!) followed by tailgating, bags, and a Brewers game. I haven't just been able to be myself like that in awhile. Jeremy and I smiled often that day. And just to top the weekend off we ate at Perc (little cafe/restaurant in town) and they had some amazing biscuit and gravy going on. Again, I ate myself into a food coma.

Thanks for coming guys!!

Now I am sitting on my couch debating what to do since I don't have Laila for the first half of the day (she is at her very first sleepover...thankfully Connie knows how to handle her...) I should be working on my speech for this Wednesday, but my bed, pinterest, cleaning, and the mall all are calling my name. I feel like the bed will probably win! 

But I would be silly if I didn't say that this Wed and Thursday Faith & Giggles is having a fundraiser for our hospital bills for the transplant. Check out there FB page and check it out:

So thanks to them and Peace for everything they are doing for us, it truly is humbling.


  1. Yay! for Zoo & date day! and lots of smiles :) Good news. You will do a great job w/ your speech, and yay for the fundraisers, too!! <3