My Moments to Breathe

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

He is Risen

I hope that everybody had a great Easter. We had a relaxing one filled with jammies, steak, and peeps in our yard. Yeap, we got peeped. Ha, its actually pretty funny...Laila loved it! Church services where very nice, and it was great to sing in choir. Jeremy had sunrise service so during festival I was up and down the stairs so I could sit with the family.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and it was probably the best yet. I once again blew all numbers out of the water. Jeremy actually laughed as I dusted my shoulder off on the way back from PFTs. as I brag once again, my lungs are probably better than yours. My oxygen was 100% my entire 6 minute walk, which I managed to step over 2,000 steps. My XRay was clear. My weight could probably get better, but nothing was said. The only thing is that my BP is still a little high so they bumped up my meds again, and may need to add another "agent" to help lower it if this doesn't work. The Dr. pretty much said I was one of the best cases...blush.

My team is finally realizing that even though I am a great case, that I never do things weird blood in my throat, or asking for a dog, or getting sick on holidays. But, this has pretty much been me since I was a child, just ask my mom, dad or sister. I have great timing. So after a few more questions yesterday Dr. Sonetti smiled and said, "Anything else? You want to travel to a third world country? Live in a dirt house underground?" HA, no...I think I am pretty much done asking to break the rules.

It is April of 2015 and its the first time I have been feeling "healthy" this year. Praise the Lord for giving me all the necessary therapies, meds, team, loved ones to help me fight CF and become a transplant patient. But of course, also for my hero I will never donor. For his/her family for giving my a more than awesome gift.

Transplant isn't easy, the road is difficult, both physically and mentally. I've fought all my life and now, today, I get to breathe a little easier. Relax my stressed out mind and body. I am doing well, very well. I get to clean, run errands, do laundry, pack, bath Laila, and get ready to catch a train to Michigan. And I won't run out of breath, I can do it all and still have energy to entertain my child on the train.

Praise the Lord, for wrapping me in his arms. That tiny prayer I said over and over before transplant, is still being answered.


  1. Thanks to God. What wonderful news, especially after the last several tough months. Enjoy your trip!! :) Wave out the train window at us in Sturtevant/ Racine! God is good.