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Friday, January 11, 2013

How old are you.....

30?! Psh really I am not feeling sorry for myself that I am no longer in my 20's...that just means I survived and was a fighter for 30 years now. CF may be getting the small battles in but on that day I won a big battle. 

I made it to 30 and was feeling so good that day. And look at that, all 30 candles lit and even though it may have taken a few (like 4) and a tiny help from Lai they all went out. I blew them out. ALL 30 CANDLES. I do have to admit I went and did my nebulizer right before just to open the airways a tiny bit more and it worked. Now to look forward to blowing them out for number 31...cause no matter what  or where I am or whose lungs I have, I will blow them out. 

This was a pretty big moment for me and seeing and hearing my family around me that day (it was a pretty big snow storm in MI and it didn't stop them from coming to help me celebrate) showed me that it was pretty big for most of them too. I am not going to bore you with things they wrote or said to me, but I was so beyond touched. Thanks everyone!

I DID IT! Crossing off #17 Blow out all 30 candles

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