My Moments to Breathe

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Say Cheese!

CLICK CLICK CLICK!!! I am sure most of you can guess by now one of the check marks I get to make on my list. I got an awesome stinking camera for Christmas, and I mean AWESOME!

This thing is maxed out and way too smart for me. I for sure need to sit down and learn how to use it so I can put it towards even better use. I have been a very busy and happy girl. A true dream comes to life. I get to have pictures of all the people I love and a memory is made with every single picture. This last week I don't think there was a time that I wasn't either behind the camera or on the computer editing and really I wouldn't have it too many more ways. 

Thanks to Trish for this awesome gift. It was so beyond thoughtful and generous. And for those of you who know her will shake your head in agreement with the next few statements. Trish is one of the genuinely nicest girls you will meet. And her outer beauty matches in her inner beauty as you can see. She does things for people just out of the goodness of what is her. There for sure aren't too many people in the world like that. Plus she is so much fun to hang out with! Love you Trish!

I am still very scared to break my new pride and joy. When it comes to falling on the ice you best believe I would rather break my leg than drop it. I am always looking for more people to pratice on, so how about it? 

A BIG thanks to Trish for making another cross of the Heaven list. #19 Own a nice camera


  1. I have to say you are truly talented Cass all these pictures are just great I love all of them! I also agree that Trish is a very special girl, very sweet!!!!!

  2. oh goodness Cassie you are way too sweet. I am very lucky to be able to help you cross that off your list and I am so super excited that you are having so much fun with it!I'm pretty sure that I am getting more out of this than you are, you made me look so pretty! love you! xo