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Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm dreaming of a white Chritmas

So this is Christmas. Like I had said on Facebook, I am missing many of my childhood traditions at Christmas but watching Laila get hers, and therefore making them mine as well is turning out to be a blast. Now I know why my parents made certain things stayed a tradition.

Church was great and Laila said her part and sang her song with all the love in her heart (but sitting still in the pew was a different story!) She knows exactly what Christmas is about and still believes in Santa...see you can have both if you make sure the focus remains on the right one. And thanks to her father she knows her stuff. But yes, Santa did stop at the Husby household with just what the little girl wanted a "polk-a-dot pony" and "swan Barbie movie." I think he could have just stopped there!

One of my most favorite traditions in Christmas Day. Church then run home change and off to Ge and PaPops house we go to celebrate with family and all our friends who feel just like family. I loved every single person I spent Christmas with (but many I missed too!) and I just felt joy. This Christmas was going to be one to remember and it sure was. Great food, great mood, giving, being merry, booze, family, friends and of course my curly haired baby and all 20 ponies she got (and yes she got 20!) 

Then the next day got to celebrate with my mom and dad and sis with a small relaxing gift opening from Santa and the gang. Followed a few days later with Christmas at the Husby's. It is always so awesome when you get to spend most of the day with your family and not have another care in the world. Thanks to both families for making this Christmas so wonderful!

I was so spoiled this year between Christmas and my birthday..just watch for all the things getting crossed off my list in less than a week CRAZY! But what was more fun was watching everyone open their gifts and enjoying the essence of the season. I could live in this week (like Groundhogs Day) every single week. But not sure my health could really keep up.

I am working hard and trying to still stay healthy which is a large chore when you keep busy. Today I didn't get out of my pajamas or even wash my face...yeap thats lazy and I would still do it over. My lungs are slowly starting to work harder and the cough is getting more frequent. But for now (besides doing my meds..) I am forgetting that I am a sickie and going on enjoying everything. Before reality hits the next few months with everything going on.

I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and that you got to have as many memories as I did. Much love...until next blog when I start crossing this off that list!!

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