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Monday, December 17, 2012

Straight like an arrow

Yes, people that is one GOOD ha straightener you see!! I think I could sell one to every girl I know. You want a straightener,PLEASE buy this one because it works that well. And it works on every hair type. So far, it works WONDERS on mine, it works on my sisters and also my moms. Its one of the best.

The Instyler. It is a for sure and I will never wonder which one to buy again because this is the best and if it makes this fro straightener and smoother and SLEEKER and tame you know its a good one.

I am not allowed to tell everyone that this one got crossed off with help by a certain Aunt. So I won't. But I will tell her here that I love her so much and that she makes me smile more often than she knows. She is always there when I need to hear a nice few words encouragement. So thanks to that wonderful Aunt!!

So crossing out another thin on the list #46 Get a GOOD hair straightener. CHECK

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