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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Well, Kris if you insist...

10 year old Cassie got her dream come true lastnight and 29 year old Cassie's heart beat just as fast as if she was 10 again. Kris Draper left me a voicemail. WHAT!? Oh my goodness #33 from the Grind Line (insert nervous girlie giggles...)

He happened to be at the same Michigan hockey game that my Dad was at and all of you who know my father know that he would do pretty much anything he can do to put a smile on my face and keep me in a fighting spirit. And well, he did it again. He Mr. Draper and asked him for a favor, "Would you call my daughter..." and went on to tell him my story.

When I was a young girl and there was nothing better than the Red Wings and especially Kris Draper of the Red Wings my Dad pulled out some stops and got me an awesome treat before a huge surgery. I got a signed puck, signed magazine and a few other items while sitting in awesome seats by the Wings tunnel at a game. THANKS KRIS I shouted as he skated unto the ice, me decked in my Kris Draper jersey that was more like a dress. (If only I knew how to bet and accessorize back then!) It was a night that I got to forget I was sick and be a girl who couldn't stop smiling. 

Now I wore his jersey for every game. And well I became a good luck charm in a certain member of my families eyes. The wings were hot that year (and ummm brought the Stanley Cup back to Hockeytown!) So I even woke up one morning with the jersey on my bed. Creepy...a bit, but it worked!

So almost 20 years later, on my phone is a message from that same guy. Maybe because I am still sensitive about the topic that shall not be mentioned...or maybe because I didn't expect it...or maybe because I know that my Dad did it out of all the love he has (and really probably a combination of all these and more) I got teary eyed and those tears fell hard. Kris Draper told me to keep fighting and that he was thinking of me and that well he was just such an awesome guy that he would walk away from my Dad so the message was just that much more personal. Now if that wasn't cool enough he asked my Dad for my phone number and permission to call me and talk to me again. Whether or not he will or not will be determined. But hey, he has my number and that in itself is cool. KRIS DRAPER HAS MY NUMBER AND KNOWS MY NAME AND STORY!!!!

So here is a big thanks to my Dad and Kris for making almost 30 year old Cassie feel like she was 10 all over again and make me have a little bit of pep in my step today. You guys did more help than you probably really know. GO WINGS!

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