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Saturday, December 1, 2012

I am gonna eat everything I see!

I became friends with my nurse from lastnight. She stayed in my room for about 1.5 hours and we just talked like normal people. And then she switched so she could be my nurse again tonight. It is pretty nice to have somebody here to just be honest with and tell her I have no patience for the new nurse today. I mean I am pretty good with my nurses but when they need help from somebody...go get help instead of messing with my crap. Just get it done so I can get it done.

We have a new plan of action for the last congestion that is not going away and keeping me in this little D6/5 cell. They are thinking my ABPA is back and going to test it on Monday with a simple scratch test. And if it is guess what that means....PREDNISONE! I am sure a few people just cringed like I did. Fat, moody Cassie making a visit for Christmas. (Hold on to your Sharpies Ang!!) Umm lets just make sure I don't eat three burritos and then a box of Lucky Charms on top of it this time. But it would mean that they figured out what this hack is and it can slowly get cured enough that I can feel better. 

Here is a link about ABPA from the CFF:

I have been day dreaming about my first home cooked meal after this stay. I am dieing to have a hot meal made out of my kitchen with my food and I can eat as much as I want and have about 3 tall glasses of milk to accompany it. Huh I wonder if my appetite is starting to come back. Yay what a good sign. 

I am going to take this moment here to thank a few people for all their support. First: thanks to all of you who have sent countless texts, messages and facebook posts with all your well wishes and prayers. I am serious when I say those help make me want to fight even harder. I also want to thank Trish and Dave for sending me those wonderful CPops in the mail. That chocolate is so rich that if most "normal" people even looked at them they would gain 2 lbs. Plus umm HELLO they have silver and gold glitter on them so I feel a little awesome when I eat them. Next I would like to thank all those who have watched Laila while Jeremy needs to get some work done (April, Knoecks...) Thanks to Aunt Gwynn for coming up from Chicago for 2 days and making Laila's day!! Thanks to my in-laws who are leaving tomorrow to give Laila and Jeremy some more normalcy for awhile and my Mom and Diane for coming later this week. I am not sure either Jeremy and I could have done all this craziness without you. And of course I want to thank Jeremy and Laila Girl for coming every single day and stay hours at a time with me. And for bring my food that isn't from the hospital. I know this is just as stressful on you two as it is on me. Mommy will be home soon!

Ok, Cassie...remember to breathe...

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  1. Sounds like you are getting stronger and you will be home in no time!! Prayers,Hugs and lots of Love!!