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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A nice day

I have my Laila back!!! And even the little things that drive me nuts were so cute and funny those first 24 hours. Gosh, I just missed her. She has been a true mommy's girl since we got her back. She hasn't been far from my side (besides today when I met with Kelly from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation...good things in the work for Cassie. This I hope will be the subject of another blog in the hear future...exciting!) 

Aunt Gwynn came and stayed the last 2 days and it was a joy to have her here and help me learn how to sew! I made a dress for Laila (with just a teeny tiny help from Aunt Gwynn) and now just have to wait for summer to put it on her. She may have also made and left a pecan pie, made from scratch, at my house for me to eat. Yeap, she is helping me pack on the pounds. I also want to thank her for helping make Laila's snack for tomorrow and for helping with everything she did. Heck, she even made me 2 more "back-drops" for my at home photo studio. You should all see the good set up I have. In one word G.H.E.T.T.O! But hey it works for what I need/

I have plum rehab again tomorrow and will be bringing my IPod again. Because I realized that "Radar Love" not only makes my Dad drive fast, but it makes pedal pretty stinking fast on the bike. I worked harder and faster and the time just flew by. Sweet mother of all its nice.

Still just breathing (and eating!!) 

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