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Monday, February 18, 2013

I can still be a fighter!

So I was pretty excited to do rehab this morning. I was up before my alarm and really wanted more oxygen to get in my lungs and new my morning workout would do the thing. Well, it did! I was at 90% going in and left at it was good! But I wasn't feeling that awesome so they didn't push too much (my heart rate was crazy high before I even started...eesh!) I took a good 10 minutes of me sitting there before I could even start. But hey I started and my lungs got some good stretching!

Jer Jon is really sick and has been all weekend. It past noon and I haven't seen him yet because he just can't wake up. And every time I go check on him she is still snoring so I don't bother him. Poor boy! But it sure has been hard to keep distance, but I am pretty sure if he even looks at me I will catch this nasty cold so we stay on opposite sides of the house! I am not used to being the this end of the sickness...being a nurse seems to work better for me! Sorry Jer!

Valentines Day was nice, we stayed home and made a wonderful dinner and then went out the next night. So we celebrated a few times! And Laila gave me a card and signed her name almost perfectly (even though she said she couldn't be my valentine because she wanted to be Archie' parents dog. Gee, did I feel love!) But really it was a very nice day!

The awareness of CF and Team Cassie is so out of control (in a totally good way!) and it has been so nice to get to know so many cysters and fibros. Plus I have had so many messages from people with encouraging words, or just to tell me there story. PLEASE KEEP IT UP! There are a few that I am so looking forward to continue to watch their stories! Thanks to all of you who have done their parts! And I am not sorry if it annoys you to see my post over and over :)

I am very much looking forward to the next few weeks and I am for sure going to try extra hard to keep myself as healthy as possible so I don't have to miss a minute of it. Rehab has really helped me out and makes me feel like I could finally do this transplant thing. Just another month and a half and the eval will be here. Just breathing and eating until then. 

I am becoming the old me again slowly and I can not say how wonderful it feels. I am getting a little bit stronger both mentally and physically. Lets hope there are no more set backs.

Fighting my fight!

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