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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A month and I am still me

So excited to be back in Michigan and getting ready for Karaoke for a Cure. YEAH I really do hope to see so many of you there. 

I looked at the last time I wrote a blog and I was shocked it had been so long. But I suppose that can just go to show that I have been feeling well and just doing my thing. I have been busy with my camera and just still as geeked today as I was the day I got it. As a matter of fact I have like 4 shoots "booked" for the next couple weeks. Hello my favorite hobby in this world.

I have been feeling pretty good (besides that fact that it was hard to breathe today and my chest is a bit tight. I suppose the MI excitement cam do that to a girl.) I went to Pulm Therapy yesterday and my number were back up to 95 and my heart rate and recovery were much better as well. CF has nothing on me right now (knock on wood, right!?)

I have been taking it easy and trying not to over due things physically and emotionally. So if you are at Karaoke for a Cure tomorrow and I am sitting and minding my business  its only to just breathe and pace myself.  It only took 30 years but I am starting to know how to listen to what my body tells me to do...FINALLY! Luckily I have been having a good support system.

Its less than a month and my eval will be here and done. But this weekend I will not be making that part of the front burner, having fun and raising money is. I still can't put it in words how I feel about going through this. I am sure many CFers can relate. There are too many emotions that it really kind of seems like there are none (this makes sense in my head at least...) Jeremy and I have everything planned for that week and I am just waiting for my packet in the mail to tell me where to go when and what to wear etc etc etc. Just breathing about all this still, thats all I can do and thats what I am learning to be OK with.

Angie came to MKE for awhile so that she could help me road trip and it was a fun trip...including Arbys and lots of laughs. There was a laugh I kind of forgot I had...guess memories and stories of your sister in pain will do that to a person (haha love you Ang!!) I am gonna miss her 2 day trips now that she got an awesome job.

Well even though this is short and sweet and I am sure I have a long list of things I should be typing...I just, well, if I am being honest...dont want to because I want to go to bed. Yeah I am that lame. But this girl has a busy weekend and full of some many people. Hand sanitizer will be flowing tomorrow (no offense but you guys have GERMS!) because I have to stay as healthy as I can now.

Building a stronger Cassie everyday!

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  1. <3 Kyrie & I are catching up with your latest. Laughing is healthy! Glad you have a great sister. AND glad K4aC went well! Love to Jer & Lai!