My Moments to Breathe

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Its closer...

Look at that little lady...she is growing up way too fast! I love her so much.

Today I got my lung transplant eval packet in the mail. Wow, it just seems more real. I have read it 4 times and I still feel the need to read it a few more times to make sure I know what to do when. I have my itinerary all laid out for my and those four days and it I am so glad to be able to see it on paper and know I can look at that page and know where to be.

 I am trying to not to worry to to just let it go and not think about it. I am trying to just concentrate on eating and taking pills, exercise, playing and enjoying Laila, watching TV with Jeremy...just normal things for my life. But let me be honest and tell you that I have had a few tears today, scared tears. Look at that little girls face up there, would you want to do everything you could for her? What happens if I fail? 

Jeremy and I sat down and just looked at everything I (and we) will have to do those 4 days and I am just looking forward to it all being done. The days will fly by and they are shorter than I have originally thought, thank goodness. I have to do things such as: get labs drawn, go see a dentist, heart cath, ekg, health pysch, xrays, iv, and the list goes on for a bit. 

I am just remaining the person I am, and trying to get all my fight back. I am so close!

Just keep eating. Just keep breathing. Just keep fighting.

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