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Monday, March 11, 2013

A great weekend

So you may ask...did I have fun at Karaoke for a Cure and the events while I was home?! Did you see the 2 videos on Team Cassie's FB page. I think you know my answer; YES! Haha, maybe a little too much fun...

K4aC went really well and it is always awesome to see so many people I love show me their support and show up. I guess its easy when we are talking about wings, beer and entertainment. But I saw so many awesome people there and got to have so many good convos, plus I only cried once! Laila did her best and got up to sing 3 songs and knocked it out of the park. True Zell blood in that little girl, give her a mic and the shyness disappears. And I think the Harlem Shake video speaks for itself.

Just wanted to thank everyone who came and for everyone who worked so hard to put it together (Ang, Dave, Mark, Ryann, Buffalo Wild Wings...just to name a few!) Here is to another great year of events!

The drive back to WI went well. I made awesome timing and Laila was the best she has ever been. Thats momma's girl. Jeremy was excited to have us back and we were glad to be safe and sound and on the couch watching Cinderella again. 

But with so much fun comes the bad part I guess. This morning I coughed up more blood (not as bad as last time but enough to make me upset) and when they checked my oxygen at pulm rehab it was staying at 89% while I was just sitting. So SIGH they sent me home without a work out...I know it was best because I needed to make sure I healed whatever that was and it worked  (knock on wood) because I haven't coughed anymore up. But I did call the doctor and was put on antibiotics to make sure whatever is sitting there doesn't get worse. This lady for sure doesn't want to end up in the hospital for Lailas birthday, Easter, or weeks before my eval. Staying healthy is a full time job.

Well, seeing as I have to gain weight, I guess I should go eat before I hit the hay. 

Staying positive!

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