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Monday, February 4, 2013

Resting Up!

Ok so do I have to admit that once I am out of bed and at Pulm Rehab...I have been enjoying it a little bit. (My legs have not though...I still have jelly legs and I can feel them tensing up from this mornings workout!) I like to know that my lungs and body are getting what they have needed for years and that I am monitored in case I need a hit or 2 of oxygen. But I think I may start to go to a real gym and maybe drag somebody with me! Anyone what to sign up?

I went in this morning and my oxygen was at 96%...ummm I didn't even know I could see anything past 93%! Yippee! I walked on the treadmill for a good amount of time (you would all laugh at my "good amount", so I will keep it top myself) and I didn't feel like I was about to pass out. I guess good medicine, rest, exercise, and some food will do that for a person. My eyes feel open...I know that probably doesn't make much sense to most of you, but if you saw me when I was sick you would know EXACTLY what I mean. Maybe I will have to set a little self portrait session tomorrow. 

 I am missing my Laila girl but it has been so nice to be able to start to feel better and get to the best I can...all my attention is on taking care of myself right now and I don't feel guilty. She is in heaven, she told me very excitedly that she got a chocolate chip cookie after dinner cause she ate so well. I love her little voice. And thanks to Angie I get at least one picture a day of a very silly girl. Thanks Angie, Mom and Dad!

Jeremy has been enjoying his little vacation too and I am lucky enough that he stays up late to keep me company while I hook up before bedtime. He is so willing to do just about anything (besides change my PICC dressing...thanks Bobbie for doing it for me!) to make sure I am comfortable and staying as healthy as I can. Thanks Jer Jon!

This week I just feel like I am in control of my CF again!! Little miracles!

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