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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Healing is almost over

It took over a week but all the medicine they pumped into me started to wear off and I am starting to feel a little bit more myself. My throat is still sore and voice a little scratchy, but nothing in comparison to what it was. My wrist is still bruised up and tender, but that one will just take time since it got so beat up. I still am finding tape marks and poke holes over my body, and emotionally (for some reason) that always stinks to find. The nightmares have been less and the anxiety of the phone ringing is starting to calm down. It is called healing.

Thanks to everyone who has sent wonderful words, thoughts, prayers and love. For checking on me, for taking Laila for awhile, and for just a smile when you see me. It has helped a ton. As my FB friends know, everyday I have been doing something "in order to heal" and it has helped, and this weekend helped so much. This weekend I had my bestie here from Michigan to just listen to me and help me do all the normal things that we love to do: eat, shop, drink, giggle, patio, mongo, pics, mongo (yes, again!) I love Tay so much, she never complained that everything in my head came back to the transplant....most people would have been annoyed, but she just let me talk and talk and vent and talk. Thanks BFFF, I love you a million!!

I am very happy for Jeremy because while I had my bfff, he got to have some brother time. And this guy deserves time to relax just as much as I did. He worked so hard on that Friday, and has been working just as hard every day since. He did everything he should have done, never letting me see anything but excitement come out of him. And since then, he has made sure I have been full of water, tylenol, that the groceries have been bought, cooked, cleaned and that Laila is content while I nap.  He is going to a Tigers game in Chicago tonight with his bros and I am sure he will be good...haha. 

We are both looking forward to (hopefully) take a few days of "the list" and take a vacation next week. If the weather is nice, we will be sitting on a beach, feet in the sand and listening to family around us. Talk about exactly what we need. We are looking forward to it very much. Very much. And after that I am not giving myself an excuse to be damaged anymore.

I will have to be ready!

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