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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A full tummy

It's not even done and its turning out to be a nice little Saturday! Granted it was a long night with a tossing and turning baby so I didn't get a goodnight has been a good day.

Yesterday, Laila wasn't feeling very well. She ended up tossing her cookies so she got a special day. Daddy put a tv in her bedroom so she could lay in bed all day and just relax. (And I think it worked a little too well because she has soooo much energy and that I can't keep up, but it's ok because it means she is feeling well!)

Today is the funeral for our family friend and I wished I had been able to go, but this is when I don't like that lake in between my family and friends and me. I can't always get back. Instead I am making the most of the time I have on this rainy dreary day.

I woke up pretty early and took Laila back in her room and watched TV in bed (selfishly I was hoping she would watch while I napped...she was too talkative!) So I was up and on the slow move to get somethings done on this lazy Saturday. Haha Ok so I got nothing before I looked at Jeremy and asked if I could take an hour nap. Woo hoo bed here I come! I started to dream about pots and pans clanging...I know it surprises nobody that I would dream about food. But to my surprise it wasn't a dream. I was woken up from my nap by...


Laila climbed into my bed and handed me my pills and a napkin with a huge smile on her face while Jeremy carried my food and milk. Eggs, turkey bacon, toast, hashbrowns...the whole nine yards! I got to eat breakfast in bed and just relax while Laila was being fed and the dishes were being done. JEALOUS?! Yeah I would be too. Thanks a million Jeremy and Laila for my yummy food and coming out to a clean kitchen!

Just a cool way to start a busy a nice little day. Now I get to get a few things done, watch Michigan and relax. Ok so if I am watching Michigan I take back the relax part (c'mon Denard!!) Thanks to a rainy day and Jeremy and Laila I get to cross off another item on my list...#68. Have Breakfast in Bed...CHECK

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