My Moments to Breathe

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Take a breath

Mushy brain again today. I have too many things running through my head. What do I need to get done in the next few weeks? What should I make for dinner? Ugh I have to do laundry again. Is Laila going to be a good girl today? Sad, Laila wasn't a good girl. Should I keep this around or get rid of it? How many days til Angie and Tay get here...not soon enough?! How can I get more things crossed off my list, am I gonna be able to do it? Is my health gonna let me do all this? OK so those are just a few things, but you get what I mean right? 

My breathing is getting heavy again and I just need to put all efforts into making sure I do what I need to bust out the bike again. Get ready Laila! Being sick is such a vicious circle of you need to do this in order to be able to do that so that this is good enough to do that...did you follow that, cause that statement is just as crazy as the circle. My weight needs to be up so that I am fight infections, but my lungs need to be in good order so I have an appetite in order to eat and gain weight. And then add how the coughing makes me so exhausted that my body tries to shut down and rest for awhile. That hurt my head just thinking about it.

And having the support and love of those around me only helps that. So thanks to those who call or leave message asking how I am, or wondering what they can do to help. I need all of you and all of the support and friendships I can. You help more than you more! It is so important to me that you want to be there for me or care or just don't back off because of silly reasons I can not control. Thank you a million times over! (Raising my glass of milk) This one is to all of you!

Today I started the process on another item on my bucket list. And one that means so much to me personally. But I don't wanna jinx the fact that it might not work yet, so I will keep my lips zipped for now. The best is only one person knows about it...and its the person that called! Haha!! I put the rest of my photo shoot pictures on my facebook page. Thanks again Hyer Images for all your awesome work and patience.

My guilt pleasure is on TV right now, which means goodnight blog and readers. And since this girl is trying to keep her weight on and up I am gonna smash on some Frosted Flakes...they're GRRREAT (if thats not a sign that I need to go to bed...!)

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