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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A tube feeding?!

Hey everyone. Ok so I have had a few days to calm down from CFcrabbyville and ready to update.

I am still as sick as a dog but my oxygen is up to 93% and my pulse rate is 98. And I am not having the oxygen on ALL the time. So two things are better off. I weighed 102 things morning but don't get excited, that should just tell you all how much water weight I am carrying from getting pumped full of fluids. A little funny really. 

A member of the transplant team is suppose to come talk to me today (or really in the next week I am sure) to give me some more information and talk about the evaluation. Although scary I am looking forward to knowing just a bit more of the big battle ahead of me. I like to be informed and please don't sugar coat this crap. I just hope I make a good impression in my sweatpants and dirty hospital hair....I'm looking good. It will be nice to get some questions answered and learn what I need to work on the most in the next few weeks or days or whatever the time limit is before the evaluation starts.

I am starting to eat more and....wait for it...having been doing some tube feeding. They switched formula and it seems to be doing my tummy much better than the other stuff. PHEW cause if I need to pack on pounds and have to do it this way too then I need my tummy to enjoy the ride as well.

My sugars are all over, but mostly high. From the past we know that when I get sick that this happens, but I need to get them regulated for this umm Sugars let go. I did need insulin yesterday and wondering if today will be the same.

I have one of my favorite nurses here on D6 and just makes me feel safe and like somebody is fighting for me when I need something done. YAY DEB! Thanks to everyone for all the kind words, thoughts, and prayers. And for those who have asked to come visit too...just a little crazy around here right now (or I'm spacey so I think its crazier than it is...either way!)

Plus Jeremy and Laila are coming to give me a little slice of home today. They came yesterday as well and I am pretty sure Laila thinks that the hospital is the coolest place on earth. She came in hugged me, kissed me, blah blah mom...took her shoes off, climbed in bed, pulled the covers off and asked to watch cartoons. What a gooseball (as Laila would say!) Jeremy and I did some Christmas idea shopping and card making. Then went for a walk...I lasted for like 5 minutes before I ran to cough and grab some oxygen. HAHA! Thanks you too for doing all that for me!

Sorry the last post was so grumpy and gloomy...just having a bad day. But as the antibiotics are flowing and the oxygen is coming I think I will be getting back a little at a time. But CF can still suck it!

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