My Moments to Breathe

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I am doing my respiratory vest right now so feel free to read this entire blog in a shaking voice. 

It was great to be back in Michigan and I miss it and am looking forward to going back. But now that I am in Wisconsin again its time to start feeling better. HAHA! I still feel like crud and even ran a fever yesterday. Way to go Cassie. But the fever broke during a night nap and I sweat it out and through my sweatshirt. 

It is crazy how I can say I am not going to let Cystic Fibrosis run my life, but in reality...of course it does. It always has and always will until either the cure is found or I am gone. But for now lets just keep the infections and germs to a minimal. Great season to want that to happen. I have a doctor appointment set up for December so we will see what he has to say and whether or not to go to the next step of a lung transplant...oh that those dirty words.

Jeremy and I went around to a few classes in Laila's school yesterday to talk to the kids about CF and he did a great job, as for me, I am pretty sure a few kids want CF so they can wear the vest. D'OH I didn't get thru to them. But at least they know a little more and maybe have good questions for their teachers and can raise some money. 

This morning we went to Laila's class and the girl was cracking me up. She was answering everything and the only kid who laughed when they were suppose to. Granted it was a forced laugh but it was still a laugh. One kid told us the vest was cool...Lai responded with a "My Dad is cool too!" Made his morning. While Jeremy was telling the kids how raising money would help me Laila says "Yeah to but a horse! WHAT?! No, girl to find a cure. But she loved having us in there and it was the first time she cried when she had to stay at school. Even though I was sad she cried it was kind of cute to watch her lip pucker and try to hold back tears before they ran down her cheek. But luckily she has an amazing teacher who made her a happy girl. 

I really need to shake whatever this nasty stuff is because its affecting everything including my mood and my house. But I am hoping that once the freeze comes my lungs will settle down a bit. PSH I hope so cause this no sleep thing is giving me dark bags under my eyes!  I NEED BEAUTY SLEEP :) 

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