My Moments to Breathe

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still a great Halloween!

Looting candy from your child...I finally know the best part of Halloween. Thanks for the Snickers Laila!

I woke up yesterday feeling like such crud!! Of course, why not on Halloween when I want to walk door to door right?! So I made sure to rest as much as possible before the big night. It kinda worked, kinda didn't. I made the choice not to go door to door with the little one because of some factors. But was so thankful that I had 3 adults who were willing to dress up and walk as much as Laila wanted to!

We went to Aunt Dianes house and ate soup, enjoyed company and Laila got to have a Halloween to remember. Full of ghosts, goblins, and unicorns!!

The stories I heard where so super cute. I guess I taught my daughter about the unwritten rules of Halloween. When a lady offered to let Laila pick her own candy out she picked a tootsie roll (Moms rule: take only one candy!) So the nice lady told her she could pick another one out...another tootsie roll. One lady offered to take some back to Ge. Laila's response, "No she doesn't have a bucket!" (Moms rule: Laila is the only one with a bucket who collects candy, its just for kids!) She told one lady she couldn't have a big candy bar because she didn't have room in her bucket!

She had a ball and honestly thats all that matters to me. Even if I made a choice to not see it. It was hard and earlier in the day I got teary eyed thinking about her life not being normal because her mom is so sick. I started thinking how unfair of me it was to her. Luckily I have a good support system for her that steps in when need be (you all know who you are!!) One day I hope I can go house to house and watch as she pillages the village!


  1. And you were there and got to see pictures.
    AND you probably feel better today than if you had gone! Keep taking care of yourself!

  2. Good decision, Cass! Sounds like you are raising a respectful, well-mannered little girl! And you can be sure she had fun with your parents!(We had a girl that was trick or treating near us that asked for more candy at every house!)