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Friday, May 17, 2013

Bye Michigan

I am back in WI and on day 2 of waiting by my phone, or as I my aunt would put phone waiting by me!. They say it will get easier. I still have a few things to do before they pack my bag, Lailas bag, Jer Jons bag, and clean my house. So needless to say I am ok with waiting a few more days (or weeks, or months...lets not hope years!)

It was very hard to leave MI and still hard to think about how it will probably be awhile before I am back to that side of the state. I did take a longer glance at the house driving away, and a few more looks in the backyard and a moment longer in my old room for the just in cases. Yeap, I have the just in cases going on pretty hard core. 

Sadly, I still think my brain stops me from fully grasping everything because when it came to saying goodbye to people, I just couldn't. It was all normal goodbyes like I was going to see them all tomorrow. It was more of a reality when I had to say bye to my parents because we all knew it would be for awhile. Big hugs and many tears from me. I felt better when my Dad confirmed, "You will be back here." Amazing how he knows me so well. But this makes me think, how can I say bye to Jer and Laila?! Yeap, again, the Lord will get me through this.

Now to enjoy my collar the way it is before they put in a port on Monday. The one part of my body that isn't deformed in some way will now have something wrong with it. But I am trying to look at it as another battle scar. And I am hoping that once my transplant in here, over, and I am healed and on a good road, that I will be able to get rid of that as well as my tube. So many battle scars, but whats a scar in order to breathe an live?!

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  1. Hi Cassie! We are so excited to hear about the listing. I don't know exactly what to say, so how about this-Hallelujah! Your comment about Laila asking to pray at school brought tears to my eyes. Out of the mouths of babes, as the saying goes. If only we adults were so fearless in going to the best source of help. We'll keep praying for you and the family.