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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Getting closer

(Me and Ang in FL like 3 years ago...haha my hair is dark and short!!)

It feels so nice to be in Michigan right now. I am enjoying the warm weather, the birds chirping, the green trees...and well, just Michigan itself.

This was the first time I knew I would not be able to make the trip via the wonderful train. It was just too much for me now and this way I could bring my home oxygen system with me. You can never have too many 02s right. So thanks to my Jer Jon and my parents (and of course Archie too) for driving half way just to make sure I could come back to MI and enjoy my last week NOT on the list. And I will enjoy it no matter if my body and brain won't let me sleep at night.

It is almost official that I am on the lung transplant list. Talk to my coordinator today and they are just waiting on one more thing. SIGH its getting closer and my nerves are going crazy. It hit me hard when she said " time we talk I will be listing you, and then we could call you at any time." My body did that go cold thing because it was like a scary (but good scary too) reality hitting you hard. I could have new lungs, and not my own lungs, in my body in the matter of a month. My head still can't fully wrap my brain around this one.

The Great Strides walk is in 2 days and I am looking forward to it, still deciding on whether or not to actually walk or just be a cheerleader like last year. I have my tank of O2, but maybe my energy should be saved...guess we will see when the time gets here. Stay tuned for more fundraising in the works too...people of Hartford have helped a ton and I am in works setting up another one now. As a matter of fact when I am done with this blog I am gonna work a little more on it.

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  1. Hang in there, you're always in my thoughts and prayers even if you don't hear it everyday!!!