My Moments to Breathe

Thursday, May 23, 2013


So its been a few days since I got my port. At the moment I am classifying it as putting it under the "what the heck was I thinking" category. Yeah, I could just be being a baby, but it hurts.

I went in on Monday and the procedure went pretty quick and I was on pretty good meds. I know I was "awake" during surgery (but falling asleep because of meds) and the only thing I remember is one guy asking if it was ok if he took my nail polish off my finger and me replying, "Yeah, cause then it will force me to paint them again..." HAHA, ok so even when I am super loopy, my nails and the way they are polished are a huge concern. Good to know!!

So if you look at the picture you can see some yellowing and bruising around the bottom of my neck, that is a small incision for the tube the runs down toward the big incision (if you look close enough you can see the tube through my skin because I am so little and the swelling as to go down still. And yes, there you have it the port itself. The skin is being held by glue and I am trying to slowly get rid of the nasty blood dried to it. But you can also see the port and the bruising around that area as well.

I am sore, I can't feel the skin that covers the port, and I can't raise my hand above my head or pick of Laila for a week. This is pretty hard!! But the good thing is today I got to take my bandage off so it is feeling a bit better without all the tape pulling and itching. I go back on Tuesday to make sure everything is working and healing right. Phew. Lets hope.

Now, I know that right now my emotions are whats making me hate every inch of the port because it hurts and I hate the sight of it. I do know that this is going to help me be a better patient, mom, wife and over all Cyster in the long run. So before anyone tells me I am silly for hating it, I just needed a little pity party until I see how much it is going to help me and make my life easier. (And thanks for all the "PORT" jokes on Facebook....) Less pokes and PICCS is also good news. Let the healing continue!!!

So here is another step in not only staying a fighter, but becoming a warrior!!


  1. Hey i just wanted to offer a little encouragement!
    i HATE my port, but i also love it,because i can do all my own home care and iv's when needed, and i can actually be free to chase my son around the house and play with him even when i am accessed and on meds! mine is in my leg however, but it does make life that much easier! i hope you come to accept your new piece of Armour and embrace it! Warrior Cyster!

  2. So brave for sharing....thanks for the explanation. Hoping and praying that those lungs come soon!

  3. Keep up the Faith. You are doing Great. You can do this! We are all behind you. <3