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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I am no Picasso

This was so much fun, even if I am not very creative and it looks silly. I HAD FUN! 

I got to cross another item off my list last night and did it with such an awesome person! Jenni and I had so many giggles as we learned how to paint these "flowers" and even if the teacher told us we were too anal. Well, if I am gonna hang this sucker up I want it to be as perfect as I can make it. 

I for sure got the painting bug and kind of want to go buy some stuff and see if I can make this painting better, now that I know all the steps and how to make colors that I love. I mean, I can't even believe that I painted this (those who know me know I have NO creative genes running through this body.) But it didn't stop me  or my brave partner for just going to town and laughing when we knew we did something stupid. Maybe there is never a mistake in painting or art...just a new way too look at the same thing. (Besides that black line I didn't want there! HAHA!) It was awesome watching the painting "come to life" if you will, and become those silly flowers that you all see. And to watch how different everyone does it, or the colors that you make. It was just really fun and I am for sure going to paint again!

It was great to be able to do this with such a sweet girl who didn't care that she she felt she couldn't make a good painting (Ummm...come on people hers rocks, right?!) Jenni and I became fast friends and we help each other out  emotionally as much as we can. Its good to have someone else to talk to that doesn't mind the tears that come with it. She has her own story but has always wanted to know how I am and puts that first, she is a ton braver than she thinks. Just love her to pieces!

Thanks Jenni for being with me while I crossed #57. Learn to Paint off!

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