My Moments to Breathe

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First appointment

Today was my first pot transplant doctors appointment and it went so well. I am not used to going into the doctor and getting good news. Guess I am going to have to get used to it!

We had to be in Madison (about 1.5 hours away) by 8 am this morning. But once Jeremy woke me up I had no problem moving and busting a move to make sure I got there. I was pretty excited because I got everything done I needed to do in the morning before I move on with my daily life (temp, blood pressure, meds, nebs, spiro, pep...) and we were out the door. We were a little late because of traffic but psh that was the worst thing that happened all day!

I got my labs drawn and since they had to remove my port I need to get poked with a needle everytime now. They can't use my right arm due to the blood clot so they are very limited in spots to pick from elbow down on my left arm. Needless to say my veins are getting bruised and I have been poked more than once in one sitting and am really starting to hate getting my blood drawn. But I got Michelle, who was a wizard and got an awesome vein right away and I felt NOTHING. A miracle I tell you! 

Then off to chest xray, no big deal as long as the picture comes back with everything still in place and doing what it suppose to do. And of course, no junk in the shiny new gift. And since I can still feel a rattle I was worried that maybe there would be too much fluid and I may need an extra chest tube to drain it. But the good news is that it came back and everything looks beautiful, my donors lung, MY LUNGS, are beautiful. A way I have never heard the things in my body that are suppose to bring air in and out called, but now the lungs that sit there are BEAUTIFUL.

My PFTS were great too. As you can see by the picture they are already at a 53% and thats not even the full shebang yet! I have to admit when I blew that 53 I began to cry because I was jut so overwhelmed with joy. A little over 3 weeks ago I was lucky to hit in the 20s, and now on a day that my lungs are still learning how to work, I can blow a 53%. A 53 PERCENT!!!!!! Ahhhh! Crazy awesome. 

The 6 minute walk was just as wonderful. I started off with my oxygen at a 100% and walked the 6 minutes with a 100% the entire time and finished with a rest result of, yeap you guessed it, a 100%!! YOU CAN"T GET BETTER THAN 100%! 

I saw my PA, my new DR, and my coordinator and each said I was doing unbelievable. That I looked amazing, sounded amazing, numbers for everything was AMAZING! A girl could get used to hearing that about her new gift, they are AMAZING. And if all that good news wasn't enough...I got my stitches from my chest tubes removed AND half my staples (I had a total of 58!) It just means I am healing well, and my site looks amazing. They are thinking of taking the rest of the staples out next week, which would mean the stitches left over would jut need to dissolve. YEAH WOO! 

My skin is still very sensitive, but Tiffany jut reassured me its because all the nerves that got cut and hacked are starting to grow back making it uber sensitive. And thank to my Mom and her sensitive skin, it also mean I have to watch what I shirt yesterday burned on my skin, especially where the seams where. So I pretty much live in the same shirt or the same blanket everyday. I am also on some anxiety medication now, because I can't sleep too well and then my brain starts to race. But it will all be worth it...because I can breathe in clean fresh air.

One smiley transplant patient tonight!


  1. This one made me cry. Alot. Sis is so happy.

  2. What a miracle. Thanks to God for the PERFECTION of your gift. He gave you not "just" lungs, He gave you PERFECT, NEW LUNGS. I am in awe of His goodness. Again. <3