My Moments to Breathe

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Making it official!

This is just a small little post to make it an official cross off on the 100 things list! I did it. I crossed off one of the most important things on that ever shrinking list!! And in order to do so (since I am not quite ready to write my story...) I am going to share a few pictures from my adventures. 

This is a picture of me as soon as we got into the car on Sunday about 5:15. Phone in hand letting everyone know it was another GO. Hooked up to the current antibiotics that I was doing. I think you can tell that I was excited and scared and just not real sure. We were sitting at home thinking of where to go to dinner (because I didn't feel well enough to cook or clean after!) It was a relaxing day...well, WAS a relaxing day!

Here I am after my last shower for the next 2 weeks. I had to use special soap on my chest. I gave it one more good scrub and kissed my skin goodbye. I was waiting for my NA to come braid my hair so it would be out of my face post transplant. My nurse Kyle told me that was such a girl thing to do. HA I just thought it was smart...and I stand by that!!!

Here I am coming back from the 2nd time in the OR (yeap you read that right...I went back in to get reopened...) I am till hooked up to lots of wires and tubes and had no clue what was going on!! Jeremy told me I looked at ease. Thanks to the vent for helping my new lungs get a kick start...but my little body would be able to work them on my own soon. LOOK AT ALL THOSE WIRES AND can't even seen them all!

Up and walking! They got me and my IVs and 5 chest tubes, packed me up and sent me on a walk. Luckily I had some good support from the wheelchair, my goofy dad, mom ad aunt. They look pretty good in yellow don't they?! I walked at least 4 times a day while I was in...and every one felt better and was easier!

Thumbs up for getting the big IV line in my neck out! Another thing gone...more freedom! I got a blood in my arm so they wanted everything near the clot out. It felt good to have it out though. (You can tell I am a super fruit loop in this picture!)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This may not have been the meal people dream of, but to me it was a dream come true! My in-laws came and eat our "hospital thanksgiving" meal together. Turkey, mashed potato, gravy, pumpkin pie. It wasn't bad!! I got dressed up that day with a gown that was given to me in memory of another Cyster. I even fixed my hair and everything. It must have been a holiday!

I AM TUBE FREE! I just had all my chest tubes removed and was the first time I was able to unhook from my iv. I took advantage of it and went for a walk all by myself (until Jeremy found me!) I was starting to feel like a person again (at least a little bit.) I am rocking my MTJM sweatshirt and the pretty slippers Angie bought me. Remember, if I am gonna look bad, I am not gonna look bad. (I will have more pics of my hospital gowns soon...)

The night before we got to bust out of B4/5. I had to wait at least 48 hours after my lat chest tube was taken out to shower or consider leaving. So my in-laws pent the night in Madison and played games with us all night. The girls rocked and we won a bunch (hence the point to the cribbage board score.) 

These are the pictures I had so far to show a bit of my journey. Just a little glimpse of the 2 weeks we lived in B4/564 in order to cross off #50. Get a lung transplant!


  1. Thanks for sharing Cassie! So excited for you, and it's been absolutely life changing to follow your posts. Still praying for you and your family as you continue to heal <3

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing and showing us your journey. Very inspirational. Good luck and prayers to you and your family.

  3. Prayers your way. Keep up the good work