My Moments to Breathe

Saturday, December 7, 2013

We did it!!

Woo Hoo!!

We got to come home!

We have been home since Friday night and boy does it feel good. Surreal, but good. The very hard part is over and we are home to start the next chapter in the long book of transplant living. My own bed and blankets felt so good last night. I have crashed like 4 times today because I was so relaxed and happy to be home. 

The first full day was a success! Now we just have to organize my life a little bit and set up a "transplant" section in our house and we will be all set. I guess Target is calling my name...better answer (who could stay away from Target!) Thanks to my family and Jeremy's (Beth and April too) for cleaning our house and getting things ready for us while we were in the joint. It was beyond nice to come back to a clean house and painted room. It was a huge weight off the ol' shoulders to come in to all that.

It has been nice to eat when and what I want (for the most part since I have to watch my sugars!) and to rest, walk, talk, really WHATEVER I want to do when I want to. I even got to shower in my own shower and the best was worshiping at church tonight! It was great being back!!

There was much to come home to! The mail had been piling up and we have had such a good time going through all the well wish cards as well as the start of the Christmas ones too. It was also fun to come home and get a present from Jeremy...look at that shirt, pretty sure I am going to rock that one quite a bit! 

So for the next few weeks I am ordered to walk, sleep and eat. Literally, that is what the Drs ordered. Therefore that is what I will be doing....that and going to all my Dr appointments in the next couple weeks. 

I love to be able to cross this number off my list: #88. Get out of the hospital after the transplant