My Moments to Breathe

Thursday, August 22, 2013

...and again

Yeap, more blood last night. I finally had coughed up all the old blood from last week and was so excited about that, but then when I went back to bed the rattling started and I just knew. Back to the bathroom I went to spit out and cough up some more new, bright red blood. Luckily it wasn't as much as the last 2 times, but still, it was new blood. My poor lungs!

I am hoping that this was just them being super irritated because there was so much old blood sitting down there. I am not even sure that would make sense, but am frustrated because there is more old blood in there now. My lungs actually hurt afterwards, one of the first times that I have ever used the word PAIN referring to my lungs before. Ugh. I hate this. 

Today I will take it a bit easy (last day of antibiotics too) and will just try and heal whatever it is AGAIN....just wish I knew how to do it better. The Hello Kitty band aid I tried last time must have fallen off haha. But seriously, my lungs have gone through so much and now they keep bleeding. That is so weird sounding...Lungs bleeding....lungs aren't suppose to bleed.

Resting, breathing, and healing all so CF won't win. I will say it again...I NEED NEW LUNGS!

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