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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer is over!

Stop Growing, Laila!! Today was Lailas first day of school this year. My little lady is getting too big, she was actually taller than some kids this year! My little peanut. Look at her writing her own cute!

She is going 3 days a week this year and is very excited about it. We dropped her off after all the pictures, and first day of school traditions I have started. She was OK with all of it until it was time to say goodbye and then she started to get a little nervous. Of course it only took a, "Look, Pieper is here!" for her to hug and give a few kisses before she ran over to sit by her. 

We picked her up and wasn't ready to go home, we had tears the whole walk back because she wanted a friend to come over...and Mom and Dad did NOT qualify as a friend. Whatever, I play a pretty awesome My Little Pony!! 

This could be because I am feeling a little better and have enough energy to use on planning, but I am going to start a few things this school year and hope to follow through with them. More planned dinners, more reading, more crafts, more outings. I would like to continue it until my body tells me to slow down, and then slowly continue until I get "the call" and then hopefully everyone else can help continue her little routines. 

I was hoping to have them by the time school started so that she wouldn't have to miss so much school while she was in Michigan, and part of the reason I was so excited about getting the dry run call when I did. But I do know that God has his plan and whatever it is REALLY is best. Luckily, Laila has one of the best teachers who understands and is willing to help. Jeremy and I are also lucky enough that her teacher is a friend and can go on a personal level can get so much help from her, this really is added to the list of blessings we have during this process.

I have signed up to do 2 CFF events in the next couple months...some very awesome opportunities. I am looking forward to them both and hope they go without a hitch. Fingers crossed and prayers sent!! I also hope all of the Team Cassie events both in Michigan and Wisconsin go smoothly too, thanks to all who have worked so hard in both states to help us and the CFF out. 

I am still hanging in there, and since it is summer the color I have got from the sun and some good makeup makes it look like I am a little healthy...and would be better if I put on a little weight. I still have so many crackles in my lungs and they are getting louder and more annoying. I am not a quiet person any more and if I needed to hide to save my life, it wouldn't breathing would give it away. I am dreaming about the day I can be quiet again, run, jump, clean, cook, shower, shop, travel, and most importantly BREATHE again. 

Here is to another school year, and a crazy one at that!

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