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Monday, September 16, 2013

Her child-like faith

It is amazing what even your 4 year old can teach you, or I should say RE-teach you. I have been very humbled the last 2 days and reminded me where to turn to when I am feeling down.

Laila's faith has grown a tremendous amount lately and as a Lutheran parent this thrills me beyond belief and makes her dad very proud. She talk about Jesus a ton and will tell us all about the lessons so has learned, what they talk about in school, and for the last month or so has been having Jeremy read her her children bible before bed. But my favorite part is how she has been turning to prayer when she is thankful, wants to ask God for help, or really and truly she just wants to talk to him. Here is a prayer she had me write down for her:

Dear Jesus

I want you to come back soon and take us back to heaven with you. I want you to pick us up to go to heaven to see us there and I want you to take everyone to heaven. I want you to take everything, carrying us first and everything second. And thank you for sending us to heaven and dying on the cross. Please help Daddy feel better and make Mommy's smelling come back. And take away Mommy's Cytsic Fibrosis to feel better. Thank you for letting Jesus die on the cross.


Just read that. How can you not see her faith pouring out in every sentence. It isn't a prayer that has elegant words, or written welll, but who cares because it came from her heart and she meant every word. (She also drew a picture of her family and Jesus too...beard, robe, and all that!) I love this and it makes me realize I need to pray a little more and put my faith with this transplant and CF with my Savior. If my four year old can do it and say it proudly, I should be able to.

Oh to have that child-like faith. I love you Laila, thanks for reminding me doll face!

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