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Friday, September 6, 2013

Updating the Before Heaven List!!

I am finally updating my blog about my "100 list." I am so sorry to those people who have helped me and I have slacked on this. I know that none of the people are expecting a big blog so that everyone knows how wonderful they are BUT I am gonna finally write it anyways because all these people truly are wonderful and are some of my favorite people in the world.

First off, I got an outfit from JCREW! For my 30th birthday I got this awesome gift from my Aunt...with an awesome note on top! She bought me a fabulous dress (that honestly fits me like a glove, people...and thats hard to do!) and a sparkly bow belt to match. I am so in love with this outfit. I wore it for Easter, a few Sundays, I am wearing it to a wedding tomorrow, and well I plan on wearing a lot because it makes me feel sophisticated and ladylike! Thank you so much Diane. I love you to pieces and am so glad that my Uncle married you so I could have you (and your boys and Haley) as my family too! Plus my wonderful friends Jenny, Brian and Kieron have helped me be able to add to this wonderful dress...maybe some shoes or cardigan!! So thank you all for letting me cross off #16 Buy an outfit from JCrew (and rock it!)

One great thing with having a camera is taking tons of pics, the bad thing was I had no place to store or edit them. But, WOO HOO, I got a laptop and was able to do all my work on there (and not have to hog Jeremys for hours!) I still want to put a few cute little personalized touches to it, but because I am so indecisive I haven't been able to do that. But 2 sisters helped me with this purchase and I can tell you (and I know if you know these 2 girls you will agree...) you will NEVER EVER find 2 sisters that are so wonderful and giving and such amazing friends. THE GRAVES GIRLS!! Stacie (yeap, my bfff) and Stephanie (the momma to my first Godbaby and one day Laila's future Mother in law) are beyond words. Seriously I can put them into words because whatever I would say would not do it justice. Trust me! I love you both so much and miss you all the time. Thanks a million for helping me cross off #31 Own my own girlie laptop!

This is a picture my friend Rachel took. Check out her facebook
page Rachel Z. Photography
Again to go with my camera and now my computer I was given the gift of a photoraphy class with Snapshots  of a good life (link below!) online. Such a cool class!! I learned so much, and even though I was so sick I was not able to keep up with it (putting pictures up on time!) I was able to print all the material, look at everyone elses photos, and be able to have a binder full of awesome information to go back to! Thanks to Rachel (my friend for over 20 some years!) and Karen (who was the teacher of Snapshots of a good life) for making this happen! I will for sure be taking more classes or workshops because I couldn't get enough, just LOVED IT! You girls helped my passion of photography rise even more. Now I can cross off #76 Take a photography classs. And like I said, hope to be able to do it some more!

I am still in the process of a few of these wonderful #'s, and thanks to all those who have been helping!! I am working on a few and even though you volunteered your time and service, if you will, I am working on making them all perfect! My teeth are almost white, my skin still has ups and downs, I WILL start eating foods from all the states, I am calling my family tree as almost done, and I am waiting til after transplant to FINALLY get those awesome jeans tailored (hoping I will gain some weight!!!) Thanks so much everyone who is so willing to help me. I appreciate it and man is it very humbling!

Getting things done and it feels great!

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