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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What a party to plan

First off I want to clarify that this is not me giving up. Not even on my worst day am I going to give up. The thought of heaven and not having CF is wonderful, but at this moment I have too much to live for.

Now with that said...

I planned my funeral service. For those of you who want to get upset at that....sorry you can't because I already told you I'm not giving up. I pray that I don't have to use this for awhile. But it will make life a tad easier for those I leave behind, there really won't be too much to talk about because my wishes are written down. I have made sure to include my loved ones while planing this and making sure there is a special something that will let them know I love them...and I am sure those I did it for will know what theres is so I probably won't spell it out for the world to see because its not important for the world, but for my loved ones. 

I would like 1 "full" day of viewing and the funeral the next day. I want to be buried where Laila will always be able to go back to, just in case she needs that. In lieu of flowers I would rather have money go to the CFF in honor of my family. 

I will be wearing my beautiful JCrew dress that  got a number off my bucket list. That dress is me, that dress represents what I did and how I beat CF as long as I could. My nails will be polished a FAB color and better be the best mani I ever had...hey if I am gonna look bad, I'm not gonna look know what I'm saying. My eye shadow will be a pretty brown shade, but please not too much because I don't want to look like I'm trying to hard (haha....come on you can laugh at that!!!) Now my hair: this one I was unsure about, but I decided I wanted curly hair because well I was told I looked pretty with curly hair! I don't want to be buried with any jewels on besides some stud earring that nobody would want (but they MUST be sparkly!) The jewels that are put on me will be taken off and given to certain members in my family.

Now for you guys: YOU WILL NOT WEAR BLACK. There will be little to no mourning you got it. I am not telling anyone how to feel, because I know I can't...but I can ask you not to wear that sad color. If you do choose to, you better wear a pop of color that screams HAPPY...think hot pink here. This is a celebration that I beat CF as long as I did. A celebration that I am now with my Savior and feeling no pain. No "sorry for your losses" but rather a "so happy she is with the Lord now." My family will most likely need you, please take care of them and help them feel and remember joy.

I have people picked out for the service and for things in the service, but would rather just kind of keep that to myself and the 2 people who helped me plan, I just feel better about doing that. Plus is depends on when I go to heaven who is still around...if you get what I am hinting at.

My sermon text: 1 Corinthians 13: 13 (which happens to also be my conformation verse and my moms. Plus I have the symbol tatooted on my body of FAITH HOPE LOVE with my schnisters.)

Lessons: Romans 6:3-10
              Revelation 7: 9-17

Gospel: Luke 8:40-42, 49-56

Hymns: 219 (sung at the beginning of service by a soloist or if they would the SEM students)
            214 (but sung from the tune by thaxted and special instructions for certain verses) 
            120 (vs 1,2,4)
            498 (sung before the sermon)
            599 (but from the Lutheran Hymnal...the red one that I am pretty sure only one awesome church still                     uses.)

So there you got it, the gist of what I have planned. Hope you all can make it (come on you can all laugh at that too!!!) #96 Help write my funeral service

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