My Moments to Breathe

Friday, April 12, 2013


Today I woke up and could really use a tank of oxygen. I can NOT catch my breath for the life of me and all I have done is walked down stairs, made an english muffin, ate it, coughed and now sitting at the table. CF, you are a pain in my everything!

Luckily, I did call my NP to kind of follow up on a few plans, including things I know I need done before the transplant and this Tuesday Jer Jon and I will be headed off to Madison, yet again, to get a PICC placed in my arm. Am I happy about, but happy to start feeling better again so I am not too upset. Then in 2 weeks we will head back for an ENT (ear nose throat) appointment to see if I need to have sinus surgery. Plus get some vaccinations, pull my PICC and maybe even have a port placed. And I get to set up my home oxygen today too (still bittersweet, but with the way I feel this AM I am ready to have a tank to help out.)

Thanks again for all of you have have said prayers, sent thoughts, texts, messages, phone calls...just everything you did to show your support during this crazy time. Jer Jon and I appreciate it more than we will ever be able to fully put into words. And it is so humbling and comforting to know that you will be with us while we head off into this next crazy journey as well!!

Taking a deep breath in order to just, well, breathe!

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