My Moments to Breathe

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The second call

This is just gonna be a short little blog, now that I have had a day to digest it!


And there aren't too many hoops to jump through. I just have to work on my weight (no biggie),start some immunizations, and go see my ENT (ears nose throat) doctor to make sure everything is ok there. The awesome thing is I already set up appointments for those things last week, so on the 30th I head to Madison again to see the dr. 

He is going to be looking and testing for infection in my sinuses and we will see what he says from there. So the transplant team would like to wait until after all this to go on to the next step and enlist me. They want me to be as infection free as possible before the big surgery. So it may mean a minor surgery to clean up some junk...a little battle to win the war.

So many emotions yesterday, from happy tears to scared tears to jumping up and down to just not knowing what to do! So after a few phone calls to people who care...with a happy heart today I get to say I DID IT!


  1. SO HAPPY for you and your family! Hailey and I will continue to keep you in our daily prayers. Monica Orth

  2. Yay! Happy AND emotional. Way to go. Thank the Lord! We keep praying.